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Editor: Alan R. Cohen, MD Spring 2008

Pediatric Section Officers

AANS/CNS Section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery
Officers and Committees
Fall 2008

Jeffrey H. Wisoff, MD (2007-2009)
Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD (2007-2009)
Alan R. Cohen, MD (2007-2009)
Bruce A. Kaufman, MD (2007-2009)

Members at Large
Jeffrey P. Blount, MD (2006-2008)
Nalin Gupta, MD (2006-2008)
John R. W. Kestle, MD (2007-2009)
Thomas Pittman, MD (2007-2009)
James M. Drake, MD (2008-2010)
Michael H. Handler, MD (2008-2010)

Standing Committees:

Nominating Committee: (three past chairs)
Rick Abbott, MD, chair (2007)
Andrew D. Parent, MD (2005)
Thomas G. Luerssen, MD (2003)

Rules & Regulations Committee:

(three members serving two years)

Nathan Selden, MD, chair


Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, MD (2008-2010)
Jay Wellons, MD (2008-2010)

Membership Committee:

(three members serving two years)

Mark R. Proctor, MD, chair


Robin M. Bowman, MD (2008-2010)
David H. Harter, MD   (2008-2010)

Ad Hoc Committees

Education Committee


Paul Steinbok, MD, chair


Program and Continuing Medical Education Committee

(Seven members: chair and vice chair serve two years. Vice chair assumes chair at next sequence. Other members are the annual meeting chair, and two ex-officio members: the section chair and treasurer)
Sarah J. Gaskill, MD, chair       (2007)
Mark D. Krieger, MD, vice chair    (2007)
John Ragheb, MD (2007, Miami)
David P. Gruber, MD (2008, Spokane)
Liliana C. Goumnervova, MD (2009, Boston)

Examination Questions Committee
Corey Raffel, MD


Publications Committee      (five members serving two years)
Doug L. Brockmeyer, MD, chair


Richard C. E. Anderson, MD


Jeffrey R. Leonard, MD


Ann M. Ritter, MD


Peter P. Sun, MD


Training Committee
Jeffrey P. Blount, MD


Traveling Fellowship:                                (three members)
R. Michael Scott, MD, chair


Bermans J. Iskandar, MD


Matthew D. Smyth, MD                    


Lifetime Achievement Award:
(Most recent ex-chair of the section)


Rick Abbott, MD (2007)

Transition of Care Committee
Harold L. Rekate, MD, chair


Research Committee
John R. W. Kestle, MD, chair   (2007)


Nalin Gupta, MD  
Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD  

Representatives and Liaisons

ISPN Liaison
George I. Jallo, MD


ASPN Liaison
Liliana C. Goumnerova, MD


Liaison to AAP Section of Neurological Surgery (SONS)
Joseph H. Piatt Jr, MD


Liaison to AANS/CNS Section on Trauma
Matt Smyth


Council of State Neurosurgical Societies:
Cathy Mazzola, MD


Quality Assurance Committee:
James M. Drake, MD


Sarah J. Gaskill, MD


Paul A. Grabb, MD


Washington Committee, AANS/CNS
Rick Abbott, MD


Coding and Reimbursement Committee
Frederick A. Boop, MD


David P. Gruber, MD


Education and Practice Management Committee, AANS
Sarah J. Gaskill, MD


Devices and Technology Committee, AANS
Shenandoah Robinson, MD (2008)

Joint Guidelines Committee
John Ragheb, MD, chair (2007-2009)
Ann Marie Flannery, MD (2008-2010)
Sarah J. Gaskill, MD (2008-2010)
Benjamin C. Warf, MD (2008-2010)

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1998-2008; American Association of Neurological Surgeons / Congress of Neurological Surgeons

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