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Comprex Radio Knife

Comprex Radio Knife
Donor: Edward J. Sullivan (1988)

This instrument belonged to James G. Lyerly, Sr. According to Dr. Sullivan, it was manufactured by the Comprex Oscillator Corp., NYC (F.C. Wappler, Pres.) and was probably the first such instrument of its type used in Florida.

Peripheral Nerve Tester

Peripheral Nerve Tester - MacIntosh Portable Wall Plate
Donor: Edward J. Sullivan (1988)

According to Dr. Sullivan's letter, this instrument was used by James G. Lyerly, Sr., the first neurosurgeon in Florida. It was manufactured in Chicago by the MacIntosh Electrical Corporation and probably dates to the 1920s or earlier. It was a Galvanic/Faradic peripheral nerve tester.

Carl Zeiss Microscope

Carl Zeiss Microscope which belonged to James G. Lyerly, Sr.
Donor: Peggy Lyerly Lebo (1988)

This Carl Zeiss microscope belonged to James G. Lyerly, Sr. who in 1934 was the first neurosurgeon to set up practice in Florida. Dr. Lyerly had to supply all of his own instruments and equipment for operations. It was necessary for Dr. Lyerly to establish a referral base by traveling out of town on consultations, meeting doctors, and giving talks at medical society meetings. Writing papers and publishing them in medical journals were important through sending the reprints to potential referring Florida doctors whom he had not met.

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