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Harvey Cushing Gallery

Harvey Williams Cushing was born in 1869 in Cleveland, Ohio. His was the third generation of Cleveland doctors. Dr. Cushing was trained in Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and was Chief of Surgery at Peter Bent Brigham until his retirement in 1932. Future exhibits in the Cyber Museum will highlight biographies about this man referred to as the “Father of Modern Neurosurgery”.

Click on a picture to see a description and historical vignettes about Dr. Cushing.

BAS Relief of Harvey Cushing
BAS relief of Harvey Cushing, MD
Sterling Silver Cigarette Case
Sterling Silver Cigarette Case
Harvey Cushing and Walter Dandy
Harvey Cushing and Walter Dandy
Harvey Cushing and Ivan Pavlov
"Two Physiologists"
Cast of Havey Cushing's Hand
Lab Coat
Harvey Cushing's Lab Coat
Loyal Davis Diary
Loyal Davis Diary
Study Skull
Dr. Cushing's Study Skull
Top Hat
Dr. Cushing's Top Hat

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