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BAS Relief of Harvey Cushing

BAS Relief of Harvey Cushing, Moseley Professor of Surgery
Donor: Richard U. Light (1990)

"September 28, 1990

Dear Carl:

Here is a polyester copy (presumably unbreakable) of the original plaster model from which the Paul Brodeur bronze medal was made by reduction at the time of Dr. Cushing's retirement from Harvard. Of the several Cushing medals, I think this is the best.


Sterling Silver Cigarette Case

Sterling Silver Cigarette Case
Donor: Yale Medical Library (1990)

The original cigarette case was presented to Harvey Cushing by the Staff of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital to commemorate the performance of his 2000th verified brain tumor operation on April 15, 1931. Historical Note: The operation had been post-poned for one day, therefore the date engraved on the cigarette box is actually incorrect!

This presentation was captured on film by Drs. Richard Light and Walter Boyd and is part of the Leaders in Neuroscience oral history program.

Harvey Cushing and Walter Dandy

Harvey Cushing and Walter Dandy
Photo courtesy of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Archives.

This photo of Walter Dandy (l) and Harvey Cushing (r) was taken in February 1921 at Jekyll Island near Brunswick, Georgia. Dr. Dandy usually stayed at the Jekyll Island Club from mid-February to the first of April enjoying the golf, swimming and tennis.

In 1921, Harvey and Kate Cushing, together with friends, vacationed at the Island. Learning that Dandy was there at the same time, Cushing " took delight in challenging him once again on the court.". It was said that while Cushing had the form, Dandy won the game. Interestingly enough, a copy of the photo hung in Dandy's bedroom.

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