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Loyal Davis Diary

Loyal Davis Diary
Donor: Nicholas Wetzel

This is the diary kept by Loyal Davis from 1923-1924 during his training with Dr. Cushing.

The diary includes photos of instruments; instructions of how to perform stains for the nervous system; typed neurological histories and examinations that Dr. Davis performed between November 30, 1923 and May 12, 1924 with his hand-written comments on the patients' outcome; and "The Halstead Club Program" from their First Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, June 9 and 10, 1924.

Study Skull

Dr. Cushing's Study Skull
Donor: Melvin Cheatham

This skull was presented to Dr. Cheatham around 1980 in appreciation of his contributions to his community and because of his special interest in neurosurgical heritage. It had three other "holders". Dr. P.K. Edwards (an anesthesiologist) who received the skull from the widow of Dr. Robert Barnes (an ophthalmologist), who in turn had received the skull from Dr. Cushing.

Top Hat

Dr. Cushing's Top Hat
Donor: Yale Medical Library (1989)

During the April 21, 1958 Harvey Cushing Society meeting, Wilder Penfield made the following presentation to Howard Brown:

" When Harvey Cushing died Mrs. Cushing sent his top hat to the University (Yale) with his honorary degree gowns. The hat presented a problem. No one had ever seen one pressed and put in a book, or mounted, or preserved in formalin. So Walter Miles took it....
" On June 9, 1954, the International Psychological Congress met in Montreal, and I read a paper Walter Miles thanked the speaker, believe it or not, and then without warning and in view of all the psychologists, he presented me with this top hat....
" I have guarded the hat and kept it in our closet for four years. Sometimes when I could not sleep at night, I thought I heard Cushing's footstep on the stair, in the hall, then although my bedroom door did not open, I heard a rustling in my closet. Once I awakened in the chair and thought I saw in the shadows Harvey Cushing at the foot of the bed. He wore the hat. And I knew that he was not satisfied with what I had done. As a matter of fact, I don't think he ever was."

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