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Paul  Bucy, MD

Portrait of Paul C. Bucy
Donor: Albert B. Butler and Northwestern University (1993)

This portrait of was done by artist Ruth Gaines. No additional information about the portrait was available. The portrait has been part of the AANS National Office decor since it was received in 1993.

Havey Cushing, MD

BAS Relief of Harvey Cushing, Moseley Professor of Surgery
Donor: Richard U. Light (1990)

"September 28, 1990

Dear Carl:

Here is a polyester copy (presumably unbreakable) of the original plaster model from which the Paul Brodeur bronze medal was made by reduction at the time of Dr. Cushing's retirement from Harvard. Of the several Cushing medals, I think this is the best.


Caricature of John Fulton, MD

Caricature of John Fulton by Joseph Epstein (photograph)
Donor: Morton Nathanson (1990)

According to a letter from Dr. Nathanson, the original drawing measures 13"x16". It was done with black ink on a dull buff background of heavy wove paper. The letters on the brain are common initials (COD, RSVP) etc. and were meant to be humorous. The numbers 17.5, 4, and 4.5 were spoofs, related to numbers given to the different areas of the cortex by Dr. Brodmann in 1909. The reason for doing the caricature, aside from it being Christmas season 1948, was that it was the end of the fellowship period for Dr. J.E. Incidentally, I was accepted by Fulton, for a fellowship to start in 1949.

Wallace B. Hamby, MD

Wallace B. Hamby Portrait (photograph)
Donor: Wallace B. Hamby (1990)

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