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Sir Jeffrey Jefferson Portrait

Sir Jeffrey Jefferson Portrait (photograph)
Donor: Robert B. King (1992)

The original portrait was done in 1962 by Sir Gerald Kelly and is on loan to the Royal College of Surgeons by the Society of British Neurosurgeons. Dr. King received the photograph from Dr. Anthony Jefferson, son of Sir Jeffrey Jefferson.

Nutcracker Suite

Nutcracker Suite
Donor: Wallace B. Hamby (1989)

Dr. Hamby wrote us:

"This tableau was carved and assembled in 1955 and served as a centerpiece on the Banquet table when Dr. W. James Gardner was inducted as President of the Society of Neurological Surgeons in Chicago.

"Originally conceived as a caricature of my operating suite at the Buffalo General Hospital, it includes two of Dr. Gardner's innovations: surgery in the sitting position, adopted from Dr. Th. DeMartel of Paris, and the first use of colored linen in the operating suite, introduced to improve the quality of color photography."

Eric Oldberg, MD

Eric Oldberg Portrait
Donor: Joseph P. Cascino (1990)

Excerpt from a letter...

"January 11, 1990

My dear Mr. Hauber:

... The original oil painting by artist, Dominic Vignola, was made at the behest of Dr. Oldberg's residents. The idea of a painting originated with Dr. Robert Crowell, the then Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Illinois. The original painting is displayed at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. ...

Joseph P. Cascino, M.D., FACS"

The following vignette is from the April 1969 Journal of Neurosurgery --

Dr. Eric Oldberg ... reminiscences of Sunday lunch with Dr. Cushing --

"When I came to the Brigham as a house officer, I brought with me several books of piano music for four hands. Marshall Fulton, who is now in Providence, was then a resident of in medicine at the Brigham, and we used to play these pieces. Marshall on the treble, and I on the bass, in the upstairs sitting room of the Brigham house staff quarters. Dr. Cushing heard about this, and we were ordered to appear at his house in the last morning one Sunday to exhibit our prowess and to stay for lunch. No one could have felt more embarrassed about this than Marshall and I, but orders were orders, so we took some Mozart overtures and went out to the Cushing house to perform for him on his ancient and untuned upright piano.

"Now the effect of our efforts, not to mention those of the great composer, was that John Fulton and Dr. Cushing, who sat alongside, spent the whole time discussing the speed with which the visual input from the printed musical score could be transferred to cortical impulses and sent along down the peripheral nerves to make our fingers wiggle so fast.

"When it was all over Marshall and I heaved a sigh of relief, our only real regret being that cocktails were not a part of the luncheon ritual."

Harvey Cushing, MD

Harvey Cushing by John Singer Sargent
Courtesy of the Yale Medical Library

This image of Harvey Cushing is what was used to design the 45 Cushing Stamp which was issued in 1988.

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