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Loiuse Eisenhardt

Portrait of Louise Eisenhardt (photograph)
Donor: Stevenson Flanigan (1988)

The original portrait was completed in 1961 by artist Deane Keller (American artist, b. 1901). The oil on canvas is 42"x36" and is the property of Yale University Art Gallery.

Walter Freeman

Walter Freeman (photograph)
Source: Unknown

Harvey Cushing and Ivan Pavlov

"Two Physiologists, Harvey Cusing and Ivan Pavlov"
Donor: Dr. and Mrs. Richard Newquist (1995)

24 October, 1994


Some years ago I commissioned a sculpture for my medical office, where I wanted Harvey Cushing represented. Enclosed is a plate of the Fulton biography showing Cushing and Pavlov on a park bench. I commissioned a local sculptor, James Lawrence, who struck in wood and paint, his likeness of Harvey Cushing. The two sit on a park bench. I am closing my practice. If the Museum has any interest ...

Sincerely yours, Richard E. Newquist, M.D."

Archivist Note: Sadly, Dr. Newquist passed away before the piece was shipped from California to the National Office outside of Chicago. Mrs. Newquist completed the donation in honor of her husband's wishes.

The artist was contacted with questions about the woodcarving, specifically why Pavlov has 2 different color eyes. Unfortunately the piece had been executed more than 10 years earlier and the artist had no records to supply answers to the question. Please note the lack of hands on both subjects, an interesting presentation of two personalities for which manual dexterity was essential.

Harvey Cushing and Adolp

Harvey Cushing and Adolp by Thom (photograph)
Courtesy of Parke-Davis

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