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11. Post-Operative Notes, August 11, 1932 - August 29, 1932


Aug. 11, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • Dressing. Wound O.K. Sutures loosened off. 10 cm. Fluid-blood aspirated through posterior margin of wound. Unproductive tap through internal margin. Silver dressing, cast.

  • Following operation patient was frequently restless and vomited on occasions. Taken back to ward at 10:30 p.m. Has taken sips of fluid and has no difficulty in swallowing. Grips well.

  • Today (Aug. 11th) she has been distinctly drowsy but responds well. Taking fluids in very small quantities. Last night some blood staining of cast was noted.

Aug. 12, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • In good condition today, complaining frequently of hunger.

  • Suture removed in part. Wound O.K.

Aug. 13, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • Dressing. All sutures out. Wound in good condition.

  • Decompression full but not unduly tense. Lumbar pressure - ? 60 cc. xanthochromic fluid.

Aug. 14, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • Going forward very well. Taking solid food. Becoming more alert.

Aug. 16, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • Condition improved. No dressing.

  • Mental condition somewhat dull.

Aug. 18, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • Patient continues to pick up very well. Appetite not very good but no other troubles.

X-RAY TREATMENTS - Aug. 18th, 19th, 20th and 25th, 1932.

Aug. 19, 1932.

Dr. Light

  • She has temporal pain from the treatment, but is alert and otherwise comfortable.

Aug. 21, 1932.

Dr. Light.

  • Occasional paraesthesias (pins and needles) and transient numbness of right foot and leg today; also finds the left arm and hand sore to touch.

  • Vomiting attack tonight. Left reflexes are increased over right, in the arm, and right greater than left in the leg.

Aug. 26, 1932.

Dr. Pattison

  • Has made very good progress during course of past few days. Still complaining of "pins and needles" over left malar region. Numbness of toes of right foot has not been present for past two days.

Aug. 27, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • Continues in good condition, bright and alert and taking food well. No polyuria. Has been out of bed for a short time today.

Aug. 29, 1932.

Dr. Pattison.

  • In very good condition. Can Walk unaided but is inclined to drag right leg slightly. Fundi: O.S. about D - some organizing exudate at about 2 o'clock. O.D. - No measurable elevation. Slight hyperosmia. Vomited last night.
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