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11b. Outpatient visit, October 5, 1932


Oct. 5, 1932.

Dr. Light.

  • Returns two months after first stage operation in approach to the third ventricle tumor unclassified. She has gained in strength and is up and about altho tires easily. The large decompression is soft but it has been tense on several occasions. Headaches occur over the left temporal region. Her visual acuity is not sufficient to permit newspaper reading altho headlines are clear. There is no choking but a moderate degree of atrophy. The hot flashes have practically disappeared by she is developing transient paraesthesia in the right hand and foot and occasional stumbling weakness in right knee. Left knee jerk is greater than right.

(Dr. Richard Light)


Dec. 20, 1932.

Dr. Bright.

  • Patient states she feels her general physical condition is definitely improved. Strength is better, does not tire as easily. Vision better - ability to read newspaper print for very short periods of time, but printing soon becomes blurred and she has to stop. Headaches still persistent one or two times a week in the left parietal region. She states that the right foot trembles and causes her to stumble frequently when walking. Physical exam. Shows fundi to have moderate degree of secondary atrophy with blurring of the margins of both discs. No choking. Extra-ocular movements normal. No nystagmus. Patient no longer complains of double vision, No facial weakness. Definite increased reflexes in the rt. Lower extremity, hyperactive knee jerk and ankle jerk. Marked slowness of speech. Marked difficulty in finding words to express herself. Record was gone over by Dr. Cutler who advised new series of x-ray treatment and advised pt. To come in the house for further study at the end of two months.

(Dr. Bright)

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