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11c. Readmission Summary, October 5 to October 24, 1932

The patient was readmitted to Peter Bent Brigham Hospital on Oct. 5, 1932 with a diagnosis of:


OPERTIVE NOTE Air Injection thru Old Right Burr

Oct. 7, 1932. For Ventriculography.

OPERATOR Dr. Thompson.

  • The region of the old burr hole was shaved and cleansed with alcohol and bichloride and a lumbar puncture needle was inserted directly into the burr hole twoard (sic) the ventricle which was found at a normal distance and normal situation. 30 cc. of fluid were obtained and 5 cc. of air were reinjected with evidence obtained that there was crossing of the air to the opposite side.

  • The patient had been prepared with pentobarbital and was quite drowsy and was not upset by this procedure.

  • After the x-ray had taken films the patient was returned to the operating room where most of the air was removed by a 2nd puncture.

(Dr. Thompson)


  • Right ventriculograms show both lateral ventricles well filled and moderately dilated. The foramina of Munro and patent but the third ventricle is not filled and is apparently displaced considerably above the sella. The filling defect previously noted in the wall of the left ventricle is not definitely shown at this examination, but the displacement of the third ventricle is definite and this would indicate a third ventricle or suprasellar lesion.

(H.F. Hare)

Postoperative course was slow but unremarkable and she was discharged on Oct. 24, 1932.
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