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11d. Surgical Follow-up Visit, December 14, 1932


Dec. 14, 1932.

Dr. Thompson

  • 2 mos. p.o. Patient is quite well. She has the following complaints: forgetfulness, unimproved; drowsiness moderately improved; and weakness and numbness of her right foot and leg, unimproved. None of these symptoms are worse, and no new symptoms have developed. She has rare attacks of sudden nausea and vomiting. She drinks a lot of water. She is to have x-ray treatments next week. Decompression has not been bulging.

  • P.E. shows a woman quite well, no noticeable facial weakness or ocular defects. Fundi slightly pale, vessels slightly tortuous, nothing else remarkable. Grip of right hand fair. No astereognosis. Walks with the slightest dragging of right foot.

  • Advise continue with x-ray treatments; keep accurate report of intake of fluid, and return in one mo. - Jan. 11, 1933.

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