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3. Outpatient Record, July 30, 1932 to January 11, 1933

Peter Bent Brigham Hospital

Outpatient Record

Surgical Diagnosis

July 30, 1932 ? Left temporal glioma.


1. - Headaches, suboccipital and vertical, 3 mos.

2. - Failing vision 2 mos., with bitemporal subjective defect.

3. - Aphasia, 6 wks. Difficulty in thinking of correct words.

4. - Nausea with the headaches.


1. - Bilat. optic disc pallor, most on left, with slight elevation of left disc 1 D. - right flat.

2. - Grossly constricted fields, with def. right temporal defect.

3. - No astereognosis, weakness or stiff neck.


July 30, 1932

  • Right stereo, A.P. stereo and P.A., of the skull show a smooth vault without localized changes or signs of pressure. Sphenoid and petrous ridges appear equal and normal. Mastoids are fairly clear. Pituitary fossa is not enlarged. Posterior clinoids are slights atrophic. No localizing signs of tumor. (M.C.Sosman)
Admitted to House

Aug 2, 1932 Brain Tumor

Discharged from House

Aug 31, 1932 Diagnosis - Cerebral Tumor Verified Third Ventricle

Sep 24, 1932

  • Returns today in good condition. Complains of subjective sensations of weakness of right foot and lower part of leg. Drinking large amounts of water. No hypersomnolence but patient is v. lethargic according to her friends. No diplopia. Occasional vomiting.

  • Exam. - Fundi - show distinct secondary atrophy o.u. No elevation. External ocular movements normal. Slight hyperactivity of reflexes rt. lower limb. Plantar responses flexor. Slight rt. lower facial weakness. Gait cautious - tends to drag rt. leg. To return on October 5th for x-ray treatment.


Discharged from House

Oct. 24, 1932 Diagnosis -- ? 3rd ventricle tumor

  • In for x-ray Rx and ventriculogram. To have more x-ray Dec. 20, 1932.

(Paul A. Younge)

Dec 14 1932

  • Seen in follow-up clinic.
  • T. 97.4 P. 84. Wt. 137.

(Dr. Thompson - M.N.G.)

Jan 11 1933

  • Seen in follow-up clinic.
  • T. 98. P. 80. Wt. 142.

(Dr. Thompson - M.N.G.)

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