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8. Ventriculogram Note by Dr. Ray, August 10, 1932

OPERATIVE NOTE Right Ventriculogram, 15 cc. Of Clear Fluid

Aug. 10, 1932. Under Slight Increase of Tension. X-ray.



  • Novocain - Local.

  • Entire head was clipped and shaved in preparation for the major procedure to follow. The skin was cleansed with alcohol and bichloride, and the region for the incision infiltrated with novocaine. A 3 cm. Incision was made parallel and to the right of the midline at the point calculated to be just behind the postcentral gyrus. The bone was perforated and a normal appearing dura incised. The brain seemed to be under slightly increased tension. The ventricular needle was introduced and ventricle encountered on the first trial, releasing clear fluid under moderately increased pressure. With an interchange of air and rotation of the head about 15 cc. were obtained in all. The needle was then withdrawn and the wound closed in layers of interrupted silk, a duo dressing applied, and the patient sent immediately to x-ray. No difficulties were encountered and the patient suffered no untoward symptoms, except for very slight headache.

(Dr. Ray)

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