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How many innovations in neurosurgery occurred before 1966? Who were the pioneers in neurosurgery who published prior to 1966, information which may still have validity? The MEDLINE database includes information only back to 1966 but the AANS Archives collection of items published prior to 1966 includes more than 2,300 reprints/offprints and more than 700 books. The collection of memorabilia which pre-dates 1966 also includes over 90 manuscripts and approximately 1,500 photographs of individuals who have played a role in the shaping of this specialty.

The Archives Committee and Staff have made dedicated efforts to collect, protect, and make these valuable artifacts available to the neurosurgical community. We encourage you to contact the Archives for assistance in locating data published prior to 1966 to donate neurosurgical memorabilia in an effort to make the Archives the most comprehensive source of member-supported historic neuroscience information available. For further information please contact Chris Ann Philips, Archives Coordinator by e-mail at or by phone at (847) 378-0500.

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