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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Four: North America

Saturday, January 5, 1935

Vancouver to Eureka The airplane has been assembled in Vancouver by one of the local airplane concerns. Unloading from the Empress took place a few minutes after she docked, the plane being set down on her pontoons in the harbor, and then towed behind a speed boat over to the Wells Harbor Airdrome on a wild ride which I shall never forget. Everything went wrong: the tow line broke as we entered the Narrows, the unwinged plane nearly capsized a few minutes later as it rode into the riptide, darkness came on it began to rain, an icy wind blew constantly through the patchy fabric, finally the towing boat got lost in the darkness and ran us both aground, and it was many hours before we arrived at the hangar far up on the sough arm of the Praser river....Last evening we called on Captain and Mrs. Kinley. Charming people, Isle-of-Man Scotch. Today we have finished setting things in order for the flight to Seattle.

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