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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Four: North America

Friday, January 11

Eureka to Oakland San Francisco Bay never fails to give travelers a cheery welcome, and we dropped back temporarily into a life which still stands in my memory as the happiest period of all, the year spent in flying training. Many classmates from that group are here. Ball, Lindsay, Fisher, Lynn, and of course Felton Turner. Nearly all are on active duty with the Army, either at Crissy or Hamilton Fields, although Turner, with whom we are staying, is actively engaged in the practice of law for, like myself, he never intended deserting his profession permanently. The story of the visit here belongs to happy memory and not to a Flight Journal; best of all was the group of people whom nice Mrs. Turner brought together last evening. Both of her children have amazing capacity; Felton led his class in law school, and the girl is now in Tokyo on a Guggenheim Scholarship investigating the efforts which the Japanese are making to build a colony in Brazil, although she is only 21 . . . We worked over the technical side of overseas aerial navigation with Ball and Lindsay, and they pointed to a method of ground speed determination with which I was not familiar, namely the measurement of drift on the two courses at 45 to the proper course which, when brought together in a set of tables, give the momentary ground speed as well as any other method can do. It seems awkward at first, but they say that no more than 3 minutes are required for the 45 turn to the left, -9.0 turn to the right, and the 45 return to the course. The system requires that the air speed indicator be accurately calibrated . . . Interesting sidelight on the uncertain days of the United States Army Airmail, Portland to Salt Lake City: Born last week, a son, Bill Ball and a son, Dick Lindsay. What a unique echo of that brainstorm of Farley's!

The Oil Companies in San Francisco gave me the unpleasant warning yesterday that a widespread strike is forming in Mexico, which involves the Aguila Company (Shell) and will probably spread to Standard. We are certain of obtaining gasoline at Guaymas and Mazatlan, but from there on it is a gamble.

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