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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Four: North America

Saturday, January 12

Cocanada to Calcutta Up early and to the Parmamount Studio with Ted and his brother Bob, who is a writer. An interesting visit, because the introduction of sound to pictures has completely revolutionized the business. Passes are hard to get, and all shooting is made indoors on sound-proof sets. We saw several scenes, one of them a musical, and persuaded a cameraman to show us his instuments. It is extraordinary complicated, what part of the lot, the whole thing later having to be synchronized. A further complication is imminent, i.e. steroscopic movies, which will make artificial flat scenery look ridiculous, and force picture-taking into natural surroundings again, a good thing. Lunch with friends of Sturdy's, and then to San Pedro where we were only just in time for the four o'clock taxi boat which has put us aboard the plane. We are wasting no time to heave anchor and try to reach San Diego before darkness

We high-tailed into San Diego in a race with darkness. Sunset occurred at Oceanside and we arrived here with only soft twilight to guide us down. On the way Bob received the thrilling news from Mackay that Amelia Earhart has landed in Oakland, thus completing her magnificant flight from Hawaii to the mainland. She is a great girl: We are laying over here until Monday to get a motor check done. Captain J.H. Towers, the commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station, very kindly arranged for the plane to be lifted aboard the "Mary Ann", the scow which is used for a crash boat, where work can be done tomorrow. We are off to Tia Juana for the evening, with Herb and Jane.

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