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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Four: North America

Tuesday, January 22

Miami to Morehead City, NC We are on the home stretch now and it's hard to be patient. Made the longest run of the whole trip today, 740 miles in just under six hours, riding high, wide and handsome on a south wind that made Florida look like a little picture map. We dove on friends at Melbourne, gave a dip to Sea Island, and bowled along past Savannah and Charleston. But there is an end to all good things, and we came suddenly upon a belt of fog just at Morehead City, which settled the plans instantly. In fact I hurried so to land, that I missed the channel and went promptly aground on the wrong side of the inlet. Luckily, some fishermen gave us a tow, and we got off before the tide went out.

The airplane is anchored just across from the coast guard boat, which is keeping an eye on her. The weather is as bad as one could find it, and we will console ourselves by going to a movie. We have comfortable quarters in a boarding house run by a nice Mrs. Wade, and it looks as though we may be here a day or two.

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