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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Four: North America

Thursday, January 24

Morehead City to College Point, NY End of the road. Old Man Winter certainly gave us a reception at the last. A wild northwest gale was howling off the Capes, temperatures were down to zero, and both of us got so cold that we ached. What's worse, I turned sick violently, -- and what with trying to keep the plane from pitching over on its back, as it threatened to do many a time, and trying to compose an agitated gastronomic mechanism, it was a rotten show. George Post kept warning us (through Rodimon) that there was a gale blowing in New York -- as if we didn't know -- and on landing there was a great splash of water over the pontoons, which left them with glistening icy surfaces, so that it was impossible to step outside the cabin. The Edo men caught the plane and made it fast, as we came down upon the ramp backwards. It was a wild experience, and for hours afterwards we were too cold even to talk properly. Bob's family was on hand, but poor Dad is still in Boston expecting we will come there, which now is impossible. All of the airports in New England are completely buried in snow.

Here ends the Journal, as it marks also the end of the flights of Asulinak. The experiences are behind, but memories lie ahead -- pleasant ones, exciting ones, amusing ones. I wonder what's been happening in New Haven?

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