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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Two: Europe

Sunday, October 14

Yesterday Bob started to grease the engine, but by ill luck dropped the spark plug wrench into the water, which is about 20 feet deep where the ship is anchored. It looked as though we wouldn't have to do any more work for quite a while, having no other wrench. Today however a big old Greek started diving for it and pretty soon picked it off the sandy bottom, so the engine had its breakfast of Shell Sauce after all. While working at this I saw a strange looking craft approaching on the port side. It was a flat topped, one-man paddle boat, built like a kayak, but there were two people precariously straddling its deck, clothed somewhat in the fashion of South Sea Islanders. The bow paddle was in the hands of a young Russian lady, and in the stern was a handsome Nordic who called across to say that he was the New York Times Correspondent and would we please tell him where we had come from. It was so amusing a sight, that I reached first for the camera, and am afraid that of the two stories, ours is the better! Our visitor was George Weller, and this evening, over a sidewalk coffee table, be has given us an account of recent Greek history, for he came here first from Vienna at the time of the Insull doings, and has stayed on as correspondent and short story writer. A charming fellow, from the Class of '31 at Harvard.

Sunday is a poor day in Athens because the museums are closed. We did have a chance to clamber over the Parthenon, and later to watch young Greeks carrying on a track meet in the huge stadium. Should really remain longer, but we're restless to be on the way east for there is no telling what is in store. When we enter Asia tomorrow it will be a departure into the unknown.

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