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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Three: Asia

Wednesday, October 17

In Cyprus On the Island of Cyprus. It seemed wisest to lay over here for a short rest and one could hardly choose a pleasanter spot than this little town of Famagusta. There is a tiny hotel serving four or five guests, rather a pretty building, set behind a garden. Just across the road is the botanical garden, which I wandered through today under the guidance of the caretaker, who loads his visitors with flowers. When the storm had eased off a bit (on Monday), the townspeople brought us ashore to the Inn where we changed out of our dripping clothes and had some tea for refreshment. Then they took us off to the Club to meet some of the other colonists. This is an English group, of course, and just now they are making great effort to expand the island's commercial power and the harbor at Famagusta has undergone complete renovation, although it is still inadequate for anything but very small craft. That night the storm moved off towards the East, but it was well past midnight before the last rumblings and lightning flashes had faded out. Before morning appeared, we began to appreciate another kind of disturbance, emanating from a pair of asses tethered behind the hotel. If you've never heard the bray of an ass, you must imagine it from Bob's description: "It is really just a cross between a tugboat whistle and the noise a man makes when you skin him alive, only twice as bad as the combination. It is such a comical noise that I used to wake up from it and burst out laughing".

On Tuesday we greased the engine and tried to stop the leak in the gas tank; surely hope the work was successful. Today noon Lieutenant Commander A. C. Cresswell of HMS Dispatch, invited us aboard for luncheon, so that we have made the acquaintance of the British Navy and know that we can depend on both the Navy and the Royal Air Force while passing through the huge territory which is under British control. This cruiser is going about the Mediterranean on peaceful missions, but by so doing it lets the natives of the various islands feel that there is a protective hand about.

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