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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Three: Asia

Saturday, November 10

Cocanada to Calcutta A very busy day in Calcutta with many errands, etc. Toward noon I called on Dr. L.L. Fermor, Director of the Geological Survey of India, President of the Asiatic Society, etc., who kindly had arranged for our photographic permissions at Alan Bateman's request, and found his office high up in a roomy building, convenient to a choice library. He is an extremely competent person, seemingly young for his responsibilities. He brought out a few maps, and then we went to lunch with his wife and a Mrs. Cruikshank. It was a pleasant hour, and at the end they advised that we go by train to Darjeeling, for a view of Kinchinjunga and Everest, the weather being invariably good in the mountains at this season.

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