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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Three: Asia

Friday, November 23

Bangkok - Panang Victoria Point! The place names which figured so largely during the months of preparation for the flight are usually connected with towns the nature of which one could not possibly imagine. This village, the most southerly point of Burma, is a highly picturesque settlement strung out between a muddy beach and the crest of a low hill. There is a fringe of thatch-roofed houses at the water's edge, which contain the few markets of the community, and flung behind are the houses of the district officials, and of the few English miners who make their base here while exploring the archipelago for its tin. On the summit is the radio station, and beyond this a road leads some three or four miles northward to an airport . . . After quitting the plane, we stopped in a store to pick up supplies. The merchant offered a string of beche de mer, the dried sea-slugs which constitute one of the delicacies of the native cuisine. We were not convinced of their virtues however, knowing they had spent months in the bottom of some Mawken dugout, and passed them over in favor of some tinned biscuits. The government maintains a Dak bungalow for visitors and we have taken possession - but for a time it looked as though there would be no supper. A complete and delicious chicken dinner has just arrived by Mrs. Rosemere's bearer - her husband, the Commissioner, is away and she was bashful about asking us to dine at her home. A Mr. Weld, who claims ownership of James Island, has called to offer escort to us on an inspection tour of the region if we care to lay over a few days. It would be a great treat, but there have been too many delays already and we have decided to push on.

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