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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Three: Asia

Sunday, December 9

Zamboanga to Manila A state of complete confusion has interrupted what was meant to be a quiet visit with our friends. The Express of Canada arrived in port this morning and its skipper has agreed to take Asulinak on the eastbound voyage which starts tomorrow evening. We have spent a frantic day in dissembling the wings and tail surfaces of the airplane. The work could not have been done at all except for the assistance of the naval aviation group at Cavite, who have generously given up the Sunday holiday to help out. Carl, Augie, Bob and I took the plane over this noon, and the mechanics set to work at once to prepare it for shipment . . . I am heartbroken to rush away so soon but there is no telling when another steamship may arrive with facilities for so awkward a cargo.

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