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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Three: Asia

Monday, December 10

Zamboanga to Manila Aboard the S.S. Empress of Canada, in Manila Harbor. Less than 48 hours from the moment when Asulinak's silver slippers first touched the water of Manila Harbor, she was lifted gently upward by a giant traveling crane and maneuvered into the cramped quarters of the outside boat deck just aft of the steamship's bridge. She was promptly covered with tarpaulins and lashed down, to become a submissive passenger for the long voyage across the Pacific. Even though largely dismantled, she was able to come across from Cavite under her own power, - seven miles of taxiing, without wings or tail surfaces, being hand fed with gasoline pumped into the carburetor by a soldier. She is the soul of independence! . . . We should never be here but for the kindly assistance of both the army Air Corps and the Naval Aviation branch, and they have done a multitude of favors which have left us with embarrassed gratitude. There was a good visit with the officers last night, but today Straubel has started south for Mindanao to conduct an exploratory flight through uncharted areas.*

Have just waved good-byes to the group on the pier, and as the lights of Manila become faint over the stern, we begin to wonder how it will seem to desert the thrills of the air for the comforts of a steamship.

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