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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part One: The Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, August 21 - Sorrento, Maine

On to Cape Breton Sorrento, Maine: Writing at the breakfast table in front of a blazing fire. Outside it is bright and clear and quite crisp. We had to sleep under blankets last night.

It so happened that we arrived yesterday in time for the Yacht Club dance, which is held only once a year, in the village library. We joined with Fran and Jane Chafee Sherm Ewing, and some others gathered at dinner with the Thurwalls. The atmosphere was amusingly local, although there were no changes. It was: "Nerts to you," well, "W.C.T.U." The feature of the dance was the "Contra," which I think must be a Maine specialty. It is very athletic, and several of the dancers fell down! Steve and Dorothy Wheatland were there, and Kay Adams from New Haven. They were quite surprised to see us, and would have been much more so had they known where we are bound. We didn't tell.

Taxiing about while Bob puts the anchor away. The "hook" (we are now using a 34-lb. kedge) held well in the mud. We have taken on 2 1/2 gallons of water, for we were very thirsty yesterday. Mount Desert (named Cadillac Mountain by Champlain), is bold and green, dead ahead to mark the take-off.

I have forgotten my blue suit coat, my wallet with the money, and the fountain pens! Excitement ran so high at getting away from New Haven that all else went by the board.


Course 62°r. 83°M, 90°C, drift + 11°, Steer 101°. Radiodisc on from 8 to 8:13. (dst ) then called "CQ" on 5515. Listened on 7 mc. amateur band, no answers. Hrd CQ de W8KDD* His signal strength R9.

1221 - Drift -15° C.C. 6°, steer 74°.

1226 - Disc on (Omnigraph sends out v v v . . . . de KHMZA

1230 - Bob gives out position report as a termination to the omnigraph message. He listens for amateurs because a "general broadcast" was sent out last night from A.R.R.L. headquarters. We figure that it is only fair to give them some news at the end of disc time, which is every half hour.

1234 - Motor sputters and quits as we enter Canada, across from Eastport! Good reason, however, for the left float tank ran dry. Switched to right wing and then to right float. Our 240 gal. must carry us from New Haven to Sydney N.S. Abroad at last! Wotta thrill! The air is so clear that you can see anyway 80 miles ahead and Nova Scotia stands out like a picture on an old chart across 60 miles of water.

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