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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part One: The Atlantic Ocean

Thursday, September 6 - Arrival in Edinburgh

Myggenes to Edinburgh A funny old Scotch steward rowed out in a skiff and we started for shore. Dr. William Henderson, who kindly had wired an invitation to us in Reykjavik, was waving madly on the stone jetty. It was really quite thrilling to realize that we had come all the way from New Haven to Edinburgh under our own steam. There was a warm greeting, and he soon had us in his little left-hand car, and off to the General Post Office where the mail sack was flung down before a clerk. He looked up startled and asked where it was from. We told him it was the airmail from Iceland, whereupon he jumped back as though he thought there might be a bomb in the sack, and ran out of the room. Soon the Superintendent came in, and after a word or two he also disappeared. The Postmaster General and several others arrived, and after gathering courage, opened the sack and so discovered the sealed orders. Not until then were they really credulous as to our story.

I did my best to have the sack returned to us as a momento (we need a good clothes bag!) but there was no chance: the sacks are all counted and must be returned to the original office. If this one were absent, the Scotch quota would be amiss!

To Willie's for a bath and then to the "Callie" (Caledonian Hotel) for a late supper at 10:30. Bob stayed at the "Callie" for the night and I with the Henderson's.

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