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Part One: The Atlantic Ocean

Saturday, September 8 - Two Days in Edinburgh

Myggenes to Edinburgh We spent two delightful days in Edinburgh. The Hendersons have been wonderful to us and I truly believe that there is nothing like Scotch hospitality. Mrs. H. is thoughtful to the last detail (hot water bottles in the bed!). Two boys in the family, Willie and Louis. Willie of course trained with H.C. at the Brigham, and we used to fly about New England together in the old Pitcairn. Louis is just now resident in medicine at the Infirmary. Their house in Cluny Gardens is large and comfortable, and attractively set behind gates which you lock, and surrounded by borders and inset flowers. We've "had a run in the country" today. Down to Dryburgh Abbey in the Bentley, which is a large open car capable of more speed than Asulinak has ever seen. Lovely country all the way. The Abbey, now a mass of ruins, was historic long before Scott wove his charming tales about its vine clad walls. Scott was buried there; also Haig.

Dott operated yesterday and I was on hand to watch. He does a superb job of it. He had a right Gasserianectomy first, and then because a boy with a fractured skull went unconscious, he did a flap with him and removed bone and decompressed. Both patients well today. Much impressed again by his quiet skill, his thoroughness in mechanical arrangements, and especially in the rapid changes which he makes to suit the treatment to the need. He is using the transphenoidal again, and does posterior 5th sometimes. Recently did a left transfrontal, a transphenoidal, and a right transfrontal in the same patient! Good points: carbolic soak of clipped scalp 5 hours pre.op; cerebellarrest; - routine N2O anaesthesia through tracheal tube (has virtually given up local and ether!!) I brought over two bottles of the new impenetrable dressing) the Upjohn Company made up for me, because I first picked up the idea from Dott last year. He was much intrigued by the thought of the transatlantic clinic.

Dinner at Dott's Friday night; Mrs. Dott a delightful girl, reticent and very Scotch in her quietness; their home is most attractive, with many etchings, carpeted floors, two wire-haired terriers, and a coal fire. Dott is a reticent person too, but keen and with a heart for mechanical things -- he warmed up considerably to the bits of description of the flight, and today he and Mrs. Dott came aboard. We lunched first at the "Callie", being joined there by the American Vice-Consul, a pleasant Iowan named Earnest.

Spent this morning in Grant's and in Thin's bookshops. Sent off a Capt. Cook to H.C., and an early 1736 Robinson Crusoe to Monroe Blake, bless his soul.

Rod comes on again. Hurray! Dad cabled mystically to "telephone George two Boston Mary", which Bob figured must mean "G2BM", an Edinburgh amateur. Today however a Mr. Millar called the pier to say he had talked with Rodimon. So tonight we went to his house, behind which stood a shed with a good ham layout, audience and all. Rod was weak for a time, but soon improved. We learned that Rudy will be in St. Anton till Oct. 1; - that Dad has nightly skeds through Rod with a Michigan ham; that Chaffee came down to New Haven and set up a successful triple circuit and peak voltmeter.

Also had a cable from Henry Viets today saying he will publish notes on Medicine in Labrador, etc. in the New England Journal - so will get them off in London -- Good night!

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