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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part One: The Atlantic Ocean

Sunday, September 9 - Arial Sightseeing Around Edinburgh

Myggenes to Edinburgh 1355 TAKE OFF EDINBURGH

Norman Dott in co-pilot's seat, helping with the navigating, and explaining the country to us.

1405 - Bass Rock "cloudy with showers", spotted rainstorms, but good weather with west wind, 12-15 mph. Harbor ideal for T.O. and we did it after a short run. We were delayed 3 hours today, because (stupidly) I thought the fuel supply adequate and did nothing about gassing, until this morning. Of course, no one was about on Sunday, but Shell crashed through when Mr. Hallett was reached.

1415 - Log turned over to Mr. Dott: "Going very steadly just outside fine red cliff coast north of Berwick. A few minutes past we had a magnificient view of Tantallon Castle to starboard and of the loaf-like mass of the Bass Rock a few miles to Port. Fine view of rocky covered cliffs near Eyemouth - the haunt of smugglers in old days (i.e., bootleggers).

"Just passing over Berwick upon Tweed - with splendid view of harbour, river and old and new Bridges. The Tweed is one of finest salmon rivers in Scotland - I have had some good says there and hope I shall get out of this to have another - bumping a little with wind coming over cheviot hills from S.W.

"Over Holy Island - noticed cars crossing to shore at low tide-fording it part of the way.

"Over Sea Houses. Flat country and fields very green for September.

1515 - Approaching Middleborough, changed from left to right float tank without losing a heartbeat!

1520 - Passing Spurn Head. Trying to raise GED* on 333 KC., but no luck so far. He is very busy with Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.

(During this long interval, each thought the other had the book. Not much of interest; we cut across from one headland to another. Very hazy and cloudy, and photography was out of the question. All in all, a dull journey for Dott).

1835 - LAND ROCHESTER, on the river (Flying time 4 hours 49 min.)

John FultonThe ship was tied to a buoy and we went ashore to the big plant of Short Brothers, who are manufacturers of seaplanes and seaplane floats. Mr. Wood, the secretary, met us, and after arranging for work to be done on the plane, Dott, Wilson and I came up to London by train, an hour journey. We were too late for dinner at the Royal Aero Club and so continued to the Mayfair. To our great surprise we found there John and Lucia Fulton and Solly Zuckerman in farewell dinner before the Fultons return to America (by steamship, the sissies!!). Dott pushed off early for Aberdeen for the surgical meetings.

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