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Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around The World
Part Two: Europe

Friday, September 28

Stettin to AmsterdamToday largely medical. Oljenick began operating at 6:30 on a re-elevation of what was thought to be a meningioma on the first exposure, but was shown on sectioning to have been gliomatous tissue (Dr. Bielschovsky is now with the clinic). Peg and I were in the stands with two other men, and learned a good deal from watching. Rather a difficult procedure, since it was a second stage, but was well handled, however.

In the afternoon we were extremely fortunate to be present at a clinic which Professor Brouwer had kindly postponed until the operation was finished. It began in the Pathology Department, with an examination of some eight or ten tumor specimens which were sectioned and discussed at round table. Then we adjourned to one of the pleasant porches off the ward, and the Professor discussed two patients who were brought in. The clinic was superb and his analyses were amazingly clear, even though I could follow only with the help of one of the fellows who interpreted in an undertone. I was badly caught in the diagnosis of Wesphal-Strumpell's disease, though I think there were others in the same boat. Afterward there was a nice chat with the Professor in his office, and he provided letters of introduction to neurologists in Batavi and Surabaya. Tonight Mrs. Oljenick is dining with Bob and me in one of the hotels. Tomorrow we shall fly to Lake Geneva and the Klebs'. Bob has heard so much about the Klebs'; I wonder if he has any idea what is in store for him.

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