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  Neurotrauma and Critical Care Web Page Update

As the new editor of the AANS/CNS Section of the Neurotrauma and Critical Care Web page (www.neurotraumasection.org), I would like to draw your attention our site.

In the last month alone, visitors from 43 different countries accessed our website, including the following: Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, India, China, Malaysia and Nigeria. Although most of the visits were from desktops, about 10 percent of our users viewed our website via handheld devices such as mobile phones and the iPad. Communication has shifted from paper to online media. Our Web page is a way for us to keep you informed about our Joint Section activities.

Our section Web page is designed to be a forum for news and updates in neurotrauma and critical care. We especially want to offer an educational platform to young neurosurgeons and residents. You can find direct links to educational opportunities, such as the neurotrauma webinar series, as well as interesting podcasts. We want to make our site a one-stop information hub for anything pertaining to our mission.

The site includes links to trauma guidelines and meeting calendars for national and international conferences, and neurotrauma funding opportunities. We recently added instructions for applying for the 2012 Codman Fellowship in Neurotrauma and Critical Care, as well.

In addition, you may use visit the site to become a member of the Section. Soon, we will add neurotrauma fellowship postings, as well. Don’t hesitate to send information about fellowship opportunities as well. Those can be sent to stippler_martina@me.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Martina Stippler, MD

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